Monday, September 14, 2009

Splash of the Week: Stunning Stainless Stones!

metal freeform astro

Stainless is found in most modern kitchens today, usually in the form of appliances, ventilation hoods, and cabinetry hardware.  With Solistone’s Freeform series, select from seven different metal finishes to add some organic sex appeal to your kitchen space.

Featured in Astro with a black grout, this splash is like the icing on a cool contemporary cake (baked in a stainless steel oven, of course).

metal freeform astro 3

Brushed for textural interest and to prevent fingerprinting.  Mesh-mounted for ease of installation.  So much more fabulousness (I know that’s not a word) to see at Solistone’s website and tile dealers across the country!

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