Friday, September 25, 2009

Artisan Spotlight: Tilevera Handpainted Tile & Stone

Based in Sausalito, California and owned by one Ms. Deborah Osborne, you’ve probably seen some of Tilevera’s amazing products featured in the likes of Dwell magazine or House Beautiful. 

Featuring designs inspired by great works of art and ancient motifs…


and contemporary, sometimes whimsical themes.  There is something for everyone!


Not only are these delicacies handpainted, but each piece of tile first has its design hand drawn by one of the more than 500 artists in the guild that is Tilevera.  Following in the footsteps of the Spanish artisans of the Talavera region, no two tiles are alike!

I am infatuated with the MEDLEY/COLLAGE series, especially the Modern (still can’t decide if I’m Bold or Light).  This is why I love tile!



There is sooooooooo much more to see at, including an installation gallery and a palette of what seems like hundreds of colors in the San Simeon Collection.  While you’re there, try the  WORK(SHOP) design tool and create your own collage or a custom design from scratch!

Please continue to support the tile arts and ask for Tilevera product by name at your local tile showroom and/or interior design professional.

All pics courtesy Tilevera.

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  1. Thank you for the great write up on Tilevera!! I was checking to see that my new blog Tile Envy came up readily on web search and then I also found you! Great blog, and thanks for the plug also for really translating the inspiration and design tools for Tilevera-