Friday, September 4, 2009

Artisan Spotlight: Red Rock Tileworks

Lindsay McLean is a tile Wonder Woman!  As Production Manager at Newsome Ceramic Tile Design, and Partner at both M.E. Tile and Red Rock Tileworks, she’s busy at the very least!  Together with her parents (both architects) and her husband, they produce “functional art” for your bathroom walls - and anywhere else you wanna put it. 

Though I appreciate the creative gems featured by all three companies, there’s a special place in my heart for Red Rock!  Here’s why………


Handcrafted in Central Illinois by a team of dedicated artisans, most pieces are designed by Lindsay herself. 


With so many lovely options, rich with color and distinctive textures, who could pick just one?


Available at boutique tile showrooms nationwide and in Canada!


Please support the tile arts and visit Red Rock Tileworks website now!  All pictures courtesy and Red Rock Tileworks Facebook page.

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