Friday, September 11, 2009

Artisan Spotlight: The Nadeau Collection

Nadeau floor

Okay, so Crystal Nadeau doesn’t make the stone (we can all thank the Good Lord for that – beauty that random cannot be claimed by any man) tile used in her mosaic masterpieces, but her show-stopping collection simply cannot be mentioned without squeezing the word art in there somewhere.

Headquartered in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona, The Nadeau Collection is one that must be considered before any tile design decisions are made for your project.  A perfect combination of modern technology and traditional craftsmanship, Nadeau is available at luxury tile boutiques and studios across the nation.  Offering a gorgeous selection of geometric and exotic shapes……

CB28 CB22 CB6

with what seems to be an unlimited amount of colors……

cslide3     cslide4

cslide6     cslide1

and patterns!  I can’t decide which I love most.  Oh yeah, in case you don’t see exactly what you want, The Nadeau Collection does custom! 

Not just custom, I mean CUSTOM, honey!  The folks at Nadeau are stepping out on innovation with their newly unveiled Design Lab.  Sign up, sign in, and play!

Support the tile arts and visit The Nadeau Collection website.  All pictures courtesy

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