Friday, September 18, 2009

Artisan Spotlight: Donna Marie Collection

Not very long after Donna and her husband David Bartley started selling tile out their Washington, DC showroom, Bartley Tile Concepts, Inc., they realized that offering a wide range of tile options from around the world to their upscale clientele was simply not enough.  These people wanted hand-painted, handcrafted, custom works of tile art for their homes (crazy, huh?) - and it was up to the Bartleys to deliver.  And deliver they did!


Bartley Tile’s Donna Marie Collection features an amazing series of handcrafted delicacies almost good enough to eat!   My favorite is the Architectural Series for its clean lines and many, many glaze color options.  180 glaze color options to be exact! 


The Handmold Series is exactly that, offering the same 180 glaze color options on handmade tiles available in an assortment of field sizes and a plethora of trims.


Love on the detail in the Fleur and the beautiful brushstrokes on the fields!  Yummy!


If that’s not enough, the Watercolor Series should quench your thirst!  With both Traditional and Whimsical hand-painted themes on either the Architectural or Handmold Series’ of tile to choose from, you’re sure to fall in love!  I did……and I don’t even like fish……


……but these fields look like little square pools of water begging for me to dive in!

Support the tile arts and visit Bartley’s Tile Concepts’ website and the showroom/studio while in the DC area!  All pictures courtesy

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