Monday, September 28, 2009

Splash of the Week: It’s Spring Again!

Want a fun and fresh way to complete your kitchen re-do?  You got it!



These beauties are but one example of the amazing craftsmanship of the artisans at Stardust Glass!  These guys are on a mission, and it’s not just to make fabulous tile.   Get the dirty details in this week’s Artisan Spotlight, or check out their website right now!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Artisan Spotlight: Tilevera Handpainted Tile & Stone

Based in Sausalito, California and owned by one Ms. Deborah Osborne, you’ve probably seen some of Tilevera’s amazing products featured in the likes of Dwell magazine or House Beautiful. 

Featuring designs inspired by great works of art and ancient motifs…


and contemporary, sometimes whimsical themes.  There is something for everyone!


Not only are these delicacies handpainted, but each piece of tile first has its design hand drawn by one of the more than 500 artists in the guild that is Tilevera.  Following in the footsteps of the Spanish artisans of the Talavera region, no two tiles are alike!

I am infatuated with the MEDLEY/COLLAGE series, especially the Modern (still can’t decide if I’m Bold or Light).  This is why I love tile!



There is sooooooooo much more to see at, including an installation gallery and a palette of what seems like hundreds of colors in the San Simeon Collection.  While you’re there, try the  WORK(SHOP) design tool and create your own collage or a custom design from scratch!

Please continue to support the tile arts and ask for Tilevera product by name at your local tile showroom and/or interior design professional.

All pics courtesy Tilevera.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Splash of the Week: Red Hot!


This recreation room kitchenette was designed and installed by Sullivan Conard Architects in Seattle.  As the secondary kitchen space in the basement, their clients wanted to have a bit more fun!  The fingerprint resistant  stainless cabinets are magnificent, but that backsplash steals the show!


The poinsettia red glass tiles from Ann Sacks completely surround the upper cabinets and add a touch of glam!  Love it!

Pictures courtesy of houzz

Friday, September 18, 2009

Artisan Spotlight: Donna Marie Collection

Not very long after Donna and her husband David Bartley started selling tile out their Washington, DC showroom, Bartley Tile Concepts, Inc., they realized that offering a wide range of tile options from around the world to their upscale clientele was simply not enough.  These people wanted hand-painted, handcrafted, custom works of tile art for their homes (crazy, huh?) - and it was up to the Bartleys to deliver.  And deliver they did!


Bartley Tile’s Donna Marie Collection features an amazing series of handcrafted delicacies almost good enough to eat!   My favorite is the Architectural Series for its clean lines and many, many glaze color options.  180 glaze color options to be exact! 


The Handmold Series is exactly that, offering the same 180 glaze color options on handmade tiles available in an assortment of field sizes and a plethora of trims.


Love on the detail in the Fleur and the beautiful brushstrokes on the fields!  Yummy!


If that’s not enough, the Watercolor Series should quench your thirst!  With both Traditional and Whimsical hand-painted themes on either the Architectural or Handmold Series’ of tile to choose from, you’re sure to fall in love!  I did……and I don’t even like fish……


……but these fields look like little square pools of water begging for me to dive in!

Support the tile arts and visit Bartley’s Tile Concepts’ website and the showroom/studio while in the DC area!  All pictures courtesy

Monday, September 14, 2009

Splash of the Week: Stunning Stainless Stones!

metal freeform astro

Stainless is found in most modern kitchens today, usually in the form of appliances, ventilation hoods, and cabinetry hardware.  With Solistone’s Freeform series, select from seven different metal finishes to add some organic sex appeal to your kitchen space.

Featured in Astro with a black grout, this splash is like the icing on a cool contemporary cake (baked in a stainless steel oven, of course).

metal freeform astro 3

Brushed for textural interest and to prevent fingerprinting.  Mesh-mounted for ease of installation.  So much more fabulousness (I know that’s not a word) to see at Solistone’s website and tile dealers across the country!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Artisan Spotlight: The Nadeau Collection

Nadeau floor

Okay, so Crystal Nadeau doesn’t make the stone (we can all thank the Good Lord for that – beauty that random cannot be claimed by any man) tile used in her mosaic masterpieces, but her show-stopping collection simply cannot be mentioned without squeezing the word art in there somewhere.

Headquartered in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona, The Nadeau Collection is one that must be considered before any tile design decisions are made for your project.  A perfect combination of modern technology and traditional craftsmanship, Nadeau is available at luxury tile boutiques and studios across the nation.  Offering a gorgeous selection of geometric and exotic shapes……

CB28 CB22 CB6

with what seems to be an unlimited amount of colors……

cslide3     cslide4

cslide6     cslide1

and patterns!  I can’t decide which I love most.  Oh yeah, in case you don’t see exactly what you want, The Nadeau Collection does custom! 

Not just custom, I mean CUSTOM, honey!  The folks at Nadeau are stepping out on innovation with their newly unveiled Design Lab.  Sign up, sign in, and play!

Support the tile arts and visit The Nadeau Collection website.  All pictures courtesy

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Splash of the Week: Marvelous Modern!

cartglass classic custom repeat pattern tx617

hakatai cartglass2

Often times, the backsplash is an afterthought.  It is usually the last consideration in the kitchen space, and rightly so.  Because there are so many options available, finding a splash that coordinates with the larger investments in the kitchen (cabinetry, countertops, appliances, etc.) only makes good sense. 

This fabulously bold splash choice is obviously the driving force behind the design of this modern kitchen space, and I’m going along for the ride!  More that just a splash, this classic custom repeating pattern from Hakatai serves as wallpaper for the entire room! 


Friday, September 4, 2009

Artisan Spotlight: Red Rock Tileworks

Lindsay McLean is a tile Wonder Woman!  As Production Manager at Newsome Ceramic Tile Design, and Partner at both M.E. Tile and Red Rock Tileworks, she’s busy at the very least!  Together with her parents (both architects) and her husband, they produce “functional art” for your bathroom walls - and anywhere else you wanna put it. 

Though I appreciate the creative gems featured by all three companies, there’s a special place in my heart for Red Rock!  Here’s why………


Handcrafted in Central Illinois by a team of dedicated artisans, most pieces are designed by Lindsay herself. 


With so many lovely options, rich with color and distinctive textures, who could pick just one?


Available at boutique tile showrooms nationwide and in Canada!


Please support the tile arts and visit Red Rock Tileworks website now!  All pictures courtesy and Red Rock Tileworks Facebook page.