Monday, August 24, 2009

Splash of the Week: Beyond Beautiful!

Absorb the beautiful results of an encounter with New Ravenna Mosaics! What a fabulously ornate, but simply gorgeous way to personalize your kitchen space - and start your week! 



The folks at New Ravenna (founded and lead by Sara Baldwin) are mosaic magicians, developing works of art with a talented team of designers and artisans.  From Virginia’s Eastern Shore to the world………

………but alas, another luxurious line of tile jewels not readily available in the Saint Louis area!  (Don’t worry! I’m working on it.)  In the meantime, check out New Ravenna’s website as well as Sara’s blog!  There is so much more to see, including the new Precision Jewel Glass and Marble Water Jet Collections.  It’s enough to bring a tile lover to tears………anybody have a Kleenex?

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