Thursday, August 6, 2009

Artisan Spotlight: Encore Ceramics

When Debbie and Barry Russell began to produce tiles out of a 2-car garage, it wasn’t about making money, it was about creating art.  I must say that they have done just that!  From their very humble beginnings (which includes a Cuisinart and a pizza cutter), these folks, who were joined early on by Rita Bourbon and Michael Campbell, have grown Encore Ceramics right out of that garage in Oregon and into homes across the country.


san-001  san-011


Offering six artistically crafted  series’ from which to choose, Encore products are both aesthetically innovative and environmentally responsible.  My favorite is San Marco, but Vecchio comes in at a very close second.



Let’s all join them in their tile revolution!

Please support the (tile) arts and visit Encore Ceramics website.  All photos courtesy Encore Ceramics.

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