Monday, July 6, 2009

The Perfect Patio

I hope that everyone enjoyed the holiday weekend!  I certainly did. There simply is no better way to celebrate our independence than to gather with family and friends around a smoky BBQ pit under a warm July sun.  Between the pork steaks (it’s a Saint Louis thing………you wouldn’t understand), the water gun fights, and the many, many fireworks shows, I found myself daydreaming about the perfect patio.

Patios, I thought, are so often poorly designed.  Usually crafted by the outdoorsy DIYer limited by what he can find at the local big box!  Unsophisticated squares that hardly ever reflect the style of the homeowner and unable to stand the test of time!  The patio is key to a comfortable outdoor living space, so why not make it fabulous?  Here is some inspiration.

Quarry_Naturals_Desert American Olean, Quarry Naturals in Desert


ModM16_PatioGrillCrossville, WeatherStone in Summer Cloud with Modern Mythology


Kibak_rug   Ann Sacks, Kibak Rug


UnionSquare Daltile, Union Square

Whether you go casual or very formal, simple or decoratively detailed, find the porcelain tile to make it happen.  You have 363 days!

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