Thursday, July 30, 2009

Artisan Spotlight: ModCraft, A Modern Craftworks

Another product of New York (see this week’s Splash of the Week)  and headed by David Clark, Modcraft started small in Brooklyn in 1999.  Now, from their headquarters in Beacon, New York, these folks are spitting out modern works of stoneware art the likes of which you’ve never seen……unless, of course you’ve been to the company website already. 

Not just tile, the ModCraft artisans create high-relief beauties with a contemporary slickness that makes them cool, not cold.  See for yourself:



Select from five styles and oodles of colors/finishes.  And yes,  you can go custom.  Use your imagination.  Think bathrooms………




……and lighting?!


Please continue to support the (tile) arts and visit ModCraft’s website.  All pictures courtesy and ModCraft’s Facebook page.

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