Thursday, June 25, 2009

You say modern, I say Moderne!

Have you any idea how difficult it is to get your hands on a Walker Zanger Catalog.  While I was working as a designer at ISC Surfaces in Saint Louis (a designer tile and surface showroom that was also open to the public), it was the item that most often “walked” out of the door.  Even though WZ has offered online access to the entire catalog for a long while, there really is nothing like turning those semi-gloss pages!

The latest additions to WZ’s ceramics series are amazing!  Studio Moderne by Michael Berman is very modern, but with classic sensibilities.  It’s geometric perfection, fitting together like puzzle pieces.  Complete installations trick the mind’s eye into seeing textured wallpaper.

studio moderne 1

Particularly gorgeous when combined with the stone pieces from the same collection.


All that and mosaics too pretty to step on, too!


The latest Walker Zanger catalog is available now and can be ordered online.  Worth every penny, it is a must for any tile library……………with an armed guard!

On an unrelated note, I must mention my sadness in response to the news of Michael Jackson’s death today.  Having lost my own brother five years ago this month, my prayers go out especially to his siblings, as I understand just how they feel on this night.  My brother and I grew up being entertained by Michael and many of my happy memories as a child include both Reggie and the moonwalk!  Rest in Peace.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Best of Coverings, part 4

My Coverings adventure was incomplete.  I had yet to visit the royal palace of Queen Ann!  Should I bow or curtsy? 

Also at LuxeHome in Chicago’s Merchandise Mart is the Ann Sacks tile and stone showroom.  The feature displays are like magnets pulling you through the windows to experience more.  I think I left a nose print on the glass.

merch mart 019

merch mart 020 

With a passageway to the Kohler showroom next door, the layout allows for a seamless transition from plumbing to surfaces, while creating semi-private consulting areas for client and designer to collaborate.  With so many materials, colors, textures, and patterns to select from professional assistance is a must!

merch mart 008

merch mart 007

Part fine art gallery…………

merch mart 021

…………part luxury tile library…………

merch mart 022

…………fit for a Queen!

For more, see  For me, I was hailing a taxi to Union Station to catch my train, satisfied that my trip was well taken.  Looking forward to Coverings 2010!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Best of Coverings, part 3

I promised in an earlier post (dated March 23, 2009) that I would bring you more on the new Artistic Tile Showroom in Chicago.  Well, I always keep my promises.

The Artisitc Tile Chicago Showroom doesn’t take up a lot of space on the first floor of the Merchandise Mart (at LuxeHome), yet it oozes grandeur.  I spent some time just wandering, noticing how the personality of the showroom completely changed as I did so!

merch mart 004The showroom flows like a river, sweeping you through the aisles with currents of stained glass, stone mosaics, and gorgeous glazed ceramics.

merch mart 002The consultation areas are the perfect places to show off Artistic’s slab selections while the Victoria Ghost chairs keep it light and open.

With everything from the very traditional to the ultra modern, these are some of my favorite displays:

merch mart 011

merch mart 012

merch mart 018

merch mart 017

Alright, alright that’s gonna have to do you for now.  It’s so much better in person anyway!  Luxury always is.

Next time I’ll put a period at the end of this run-on Coverings sentence of mine with part 4.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Best of Coverings, part 2

clip_image002[6] Best Commercial Product is Stonepeak Ceramics’ ( Touch series.  This super-strong porcelain has the look of luscious leather with its chic “stitching” and cool coordinates!


Best in Show:  HighFire Designs’ ( simply blew me away with their beautifully complicated ceramic creations!  Be sure to click on the pic to see the exquisite detail.  This is what I mean when I say tile is art!

There were some manufacturers who sat this one out, but it was still a great show!  With so many great options presented it was hard to narrow it down to a few winners.  I left armed with plenty of ammo for many posts to come!

After the show, a stroll along the mile and a deep dish at Uno’s, I made my way to the Mart…….